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Consulting on antenna system designs for satellites, deep-space, ground, air and vehicular communications. Providing technical consultancy for several companies in antenna systems designs for satellites, deep-space, aircraft, vehicular and ground communications as well as antenna ranges, test methods, PIM and high power handling, phased arrays etc.


Transforming the landscape of aerospace communication, our antenna aerospace consultancy is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that maximize performance, efficiency, and connectivity. With a deep understanding of the industry’s evolving demands, our expert team provides tailor-made antenna systems designed to meet the unique communication needs of our clients. From concept to deployment, we guide our customers through every step of the process, leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in antenna design and integration. Whether it’s enabling seamless communication in challenging environments or unlocking new possibilities for aerospace connectivity, our consultancy is committed to delivering high-performance systems that empower our clients to navigate the skies with confidence. Trust our proven track record and innovative solutions to enhance your aerospace communication and stay ahead in the industry.

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Dr. Sudakhar Rao

Technical expertise and engineering leadership in the areas of design, development, innovation, and test of antenna systems and payloads for communication satellites for commercial and military applications, advanced antennas for aircraft. missiles, and ground communications. Industry recognized expert with international reputation. Developed and successfully implemented novel and advanced antenna systems and payloads for more than 90 different satellite programs.

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Ongoing Projects

  • CMi, USA

    Development of design and analysis software for phased array and reflector antennas.

  • CMi, USA

    Consultancy on antenna and payload designs for ground and vehicular antennas

  • DMC, Canada

    Analysis of compact range antenna test facility performance in the quiet-zone

  • Astranis, USA

    Multiple beam antenna designs for satellite payloads

  • Cecium Astro, USA

    Consultancy on phased array hardware

  • SENER, Madrid, Spain

    Advisory role on technology development of antenna products

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"My ultimate aspiration is to empower young minds, guide them on their path, and witness their remarkable ascent to the pinnacle of success."

-Dr. Sudakhar Rao

CEO & Founder RaoS Consultants LLC